Adolescent Education Programme aims to build up life skills of adolescents to cope up with the physical and psychological changes associated with growing up. Under this programme, students of  VIII, IX and XI are covered for promotion of life skill education.

  1. AEP started  in schools in the UT  of Puducherry during the year 2003 and is being implemented in coordination with the State Training Centre (STC), Directorate of School Education, Puducherry
  2. Training of Teachers (ToT) and Peer Students on Life Skill Education, STI /RTI  and HIV is being carried out every year in 325 schools.

Details of the topics covered:

  • Life Skill Development
  • Understanding Adolescence
  • The impact of Drug Abuse and Mental Health
  • HIV/AIDS and STI /RTI, Role of Teachers in Adolescent Education
  • Questions Box Activity