Information Education and
Communication (IEC)

IEC is a combination of strategies and methods to play an active role in achieving objectives.  The purpose of IEC in terms of HIV/AIDS is to improve awareness, knowledge, changing attitudes and behavior. IEC activities through consistent periodical campaigns disseminate messages that would enable the control of the epidemic and also raise awareness against stigma and discrimination. The focus of the IEC activities in the UT culminates towards:

  • Prevention and control
  • Risk perception
  • To increase utilization of services
  • Reduction of stigma and Discrimination

Pondicherry AIDS Control Society is implementing all type of mass media, outdoor and mid media activities and conduct of events on the special occasions etc., as per NACO norms.

Strategic Communication plays a vital role in addressing the whole spectrum of the HIV programme from prevention, treatment to care and support. Building on the lessons learnt, IEC is integrated with all programme components with the objective of HIV prevention and increasing utilization of services communication in NACP.

To amplify the reach of mass media campaigns, innovative technologies were also utilized viz. dissemination of advertisements through cinema theatres and internet also.