⦁ To launch a campaign for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Union Territory
⦁ The ultimate objective of the project would be to control the spread of HIV in the Union territory so as to reduce the future morbidity, mortality and impact of AIDS
⦁ The project intervention would seek to achieve the following:
⦁ In developing HIV/AIDS prevention activities with a special focus on major epicenters of the epidemic
⦁ Attain a satisfactory level of public awareness on HIV transmission and prevention
⦁ Develop Health promotion interventions among the risk prone groups
⦁ Screen all blood units collected for blood transfusions
⦁ Decrease the practice of professional blood transfusions
⦁ Develop skills in clinical management, health education, counseling and psycho-social support to HIV sero-positive persons, AIDS patients and their associates
⦁ Strengthening the treatment and control of STD infections
⦁ Monitor the incidence of the HIV/AIDS in the Union Territory of Pondicherry
⦁ To ensure expeditious sanctions, better inter-sectoral coordination and minimize procedural delays
⦁ To ensure that the funds allocated by Government of India for undertaking activities in the Union Territory are released promptly to the Programme Officer and the NGOs for their activities
⦁ To review the progress of implementation of the programme
⦁ To coordinate and implement the recommendations of Technical Advisory Committee and Empowered Committee for AIDS
⦁ To do all such lawful acts as are conducive or incidental to the pattern of the scheme and to the attainment of the objectives of the scheme.