Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Reproductive Tract Infections (STIs/RTIs) are an important public health problem in India. Sexually transmitted infections are signs of diseases which are mainly passed from one person to another through unprotected sexual intercourse. Individuals with STIs/RTIs have a significantly higher chance of acquiring and transmitting HIV. Moreover, STIs/RTIs are also known to cause infertility and reproductive morbidity.

Under Sexually Transmitted Infection Control Programme the following services are provided to people:
⦁ Syndrome management of STI /RTI
⦁ Counseling
⦁ Behavior change communication and
⦁ Use of condom

Suraksha Clinics (STD Clinics) : At present, 6 Designated STI/RTI Clinics (DSRC), is running static STI clinic with a trained Doctor providing SCM/RMC/PT for HRGs.  One Private STI provider is delivering STI/RTI services to the people under PPP model.  The Union Territory of Puducherry has 4 Districts and a total of 50 STI/RTI treatment facilities as detailed below:

Type of facility Numbers
Type of facility Numbers Designated STI/RTI clinics 5
NRHM facilities
51 (PHCs + CHCs)
No of facilities in organized public sector and private sector
1 Pvt. Medical College

STI/RTI service delivery for HRGs in TI NGOs

There are 5 TI NGOs in the UT of Puducherry. Out of which 3 are in Pondicherry District (1-MSM, 1-FSW, 1-Migrant), 1 in Karaikal District (Composite) and 1 in Yanam District (Composite). All TI- NGOs/CBOs are availing services from the DSRCs and nearby Government health facilities which are supported by NRHM.

STI/RTI Service Delivery in Sub-district level facility in convergence with NRHM

NACO – NRHM convergence is fully operational in the UT of Puducherry. STI/RTI SCM drug Kits have been procured by Puducherry State Health Mission (PSHM) from funds allocated in the PIP and has been made available in all districts and is being utilized. PSHM has provided walk-in cooler for storage of kits. Training of PHC/CHC staff is being done jointly by NRHM and Pondicherry SACS. Data received in HMIS format is being consolidated in the districts and sent to the Puducherry State Health Mission (PSHM) for onward transmission to NRHM and the same is being shared with SACS.

Partnership with organized public sector and private sector

Doctors from Skin and STD Department and Gynecology Department from all Private Medical Colleges have been trained in SCM. One Private Medical College (Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences) which is also having PPP ICTC is providing SCM to patients with SCM Kit support from Pondicherry SACS.


Procurement of consumables and printing of registers for DSRC / STI clinic is being done as per the guidelines of NACO and distributed to all DSRCs.

Supervision and Monitoring

Supportive supervision is being conducted periodically to the DSRCs, NRHM facilities, by the team of SACS officials, STI experts and mentor.

Reporting of DSRC, and partners

All 5 DSRCs, 5 TI NGOs and one PPP clinic are reporting in STI format in Strategic Information Management System (SIMS). NRHM facilities are reporting in National Health Mission (NHM) – NHM Health Management Information System (HIMS) to the PSHM and the data is being shared with PACS.

STI centers

Sl.No Name Address
STD Odiensalai
STD control Programme, 1 st floor PHC Odiensalai, Puducherry 605001
Dept of Dermatology, JIPMER, Gorimedu, Puducherry 605006
Indira Gandhi Medical College &Research Institute, Dept of Dermatology,Kathirkammam, Puducherry 605009
Rajiv Gandhi Women &Children Hospital, Dept of Obsteritics & Gyneciology , Ellaipillaichavady, Puducherry-- 605005
STD GH , Karaikal
Government General Hospital, Dept of Obsteritics & Gynecology, Kamaraj nagar, Karaikal-600071, Puducherry(U.T)