SOCH (SOCH-Strengthening Overall Care for HIV)

The objective of Project SOCH is to create a beneficiary-centric web and mobile based system, to track and record, beneficiary service and inventory transactions in the National HIV program to improve service delivery and beneficiary health outcome. The system will capture inventory and service delivery information pertaining to individual beneficiaries throughout the HIV continuum, create a centralized repository of EHR (Electronic-Health Record) and facilitate forecasting, inventory planning and clinical decision support. The proposed system will form part of the overall IT landscape of MoHFW, have API based linkages with other independent MoHFW IT systems that intersect with the HIV continuum.

SOCH runs across and seeks to completely digitize all 5 key aspects of the National HIV Program. These are

  • Prevention through Targeted Interventions for Key Populations
  • Testing and Detection through Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres
  • Care, Support and Treatment through ART Centres
  • Viral Load suppression for PLHIVs
  • Lastly, the Inventory module to provide a centralised and transparent view to oversee all stock under the program


  • Receiving and validating the online SOCH report
  • Conduct of SOCH Training
  • PLHIV to ART Linkage System (PALS) for  updating the PLHIV details for referrals and linkages
  • Supply Chain Management System is followed for medicines through SOCH system at ART Center
  • Google Drive Reporting Monthly Reports updated in Google Drive Format by Facilities of SA- ICTC, F-ICTC, PPP-ICTC and DSRCs.